Rhode Island. The only state where prostitution is legal. It had been over 25 years since five prostitutes sued the state of Rhode Island for selective prosecution, and prostitution laws were removed from the books when documentarians Tara Hurley and Nick Marcoux turned their cameras on the under belly of "The Renaissance City" Providence, RI. Watch the drama unfold in asian massage parlors as Mayor David Ciccilline of the City of Providence pushes to close the prostitution "loophole". Follow Heather, a Korean immigrant, over two years as she manages the massage parlor. Learn about the women who work in the spas. Hear from the police who arrest them. Watch the fight for and against the legislation.

The film includes subtitled interviews with Korean women who work in the spas, clients who frequent the spas, Police, Politicians from1980 and today, local news footage, local radio call in shows, and "voiced" reviews from internet escort review boards. Experimenting with both narrative and documentary, this film creates a new style of cinema verite.